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$25,920 - $77,760 Earn Income!!


Rate Manager (RM)

RateTranZ Freight Brokers are called Rate Managers: RM Will be responsible for assisting shippers with getting the best prices / rates for moving their shipments all over the USA, everything you touch must be shipped from shippers like Home Depot, McDonald’s to your local farmers. Virtual Rate Managers will serve a $650 Billion North American market:


Note: If the economy is good or bad, shippers are always looking for good prices / rates to move their shipments, at the end of the day you will never get on the road in the USA and not see a truck.


Rate Managers (work from home): We setup our Transportation Management System (TMS) that’s designed to let you manage your customers and provide your customers with the best rates from the best carriers from all over the USA.


Rate Manager are provided ALL the Below:


  • Training Provided

  • Transportation Management System (TMS) (Click on System Demo)

  • Company Telephone & Email System

  • Pre-selected Carriers/Drivers Network (FedEx, UPS, DHL and many more)

  • ShipNow PayLater (Money for the Customers to ship their shipments)

  • Rating and Pricing System

  • Shipment Tracking System

  • Online Training Center - Click Here

  • Cargo Freight Bond and Insurance


Transportation Management System (TMS) allows your customers to Manage their accounts 24-7 and get the Best Rates from the Best Carriers.


NO Experience Candidates (1099 Employee):                                    


  • Earn $25,000 - $77,760 (Click Here to Review Pay)

  • Paid Every two(2) Weeks

  • 1099 Employee Independent Contractor

  • Work From Home

  • Set Own Hours of Operation

Understanding the Value of our Opportunity


​                                                   Understanding the Options for Becoming a Freight Broker​​​​​​​​​​​​ within the Industry​



  • Option 1: You can search for a solid Freight Brokerage Company that hires Freight Brokers with No Experience, Good Luck because 95% of Freight Brokerage Companies do not hire Freight Brokers without Experience.

  • Option 2: You can pay up to $10,000 to get your own Freight Broker License from the Federal Government, Not Recommended if you DO NOT have experience.

  • Option 3: You can pay thousand’s to Freight Broker Training Companies, but you DO NOT have a job or giving the opportunity to earn a pay check.

  • Option 4: Our Option...you can join our team, we provide the right candidates the option to work under our network partner Freight Broker License Authority; we paid for  your Training, Transportation Management System (TMS), Load Board, Tools and Resources…….our program is designed to let you Earn and Learn @ the Same Time, but you will be responsible for paying your Transportation Management System (TMS) Yearly

                                                                                           Joining Our RatetranZ Team​​​​​​​​​​​​


You are responsible for setting up the TMS, Our Transportation Management System (TMS) is designed to allow our Rate Managers / Freight Brokers to work from home and manage their Freight Brokerage Operation.

The Transportation Management System (TMS) Features

  • Manage all of your Customers / Shippers

  • Process your Customers Rates and Quotes Requests

  • Access to hundreds of Carriers / Drivers

  • Find and Dispatch the Best Carrier / Driver

  • Track your Customers Shipments from Pickup to Delivery


RateTranZ TMS is designed to let you make money while you sleep, meaning your customers can login to our system and process their shipments 24-7-365. The TMS will let you monitor all of your shipments from your customer shipments 24-7-365 from our TMS Operation Dashboard.

We cover all the cost for Live Training, Training Book, Telephone System, Bonds, Insurance, ShipNOW PayLATER and Etc. Our Rate Managers are responsible for the yearly cost of $399 for the Transportation Management System (TMS).

To start working as a Rate Manager (Independent Contractor): You are required to cover the yearly operation cost for your Transportation Management System (TMS). You can cover your yearly cost by having an existing verifiable Book of Business or Pay the Refundable Yearly TMS Cost (Click Here). The TMS yearly operation cost is fully refundable based on you processing ten (10) shipments within the Transportation Management System (TMS).

Additional Employment Information:    

You also have the option of Permanent Career Placement with a Base Salary, Commission Profit, Benefits and much more base on your performance…


Experience Candidates (W2 Employee) -  Must have a Verified BOOK of BUSINESS:


  • Laptop Provided

  • Cell Phone Provide

  • Full Time

  • Paid Every Two Weeks

  • Base Salary PLUS Profit

  • 401 (K) Plan

  • Healthcare Insurance