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LTL and FTL Rates
Volume & Partial Rates
Volume & Partial Rates:

Shipment weighing over 7,000 pounds and over 7 Individual Pallets, Crates, Boxes, etc.
Small Package Rates
International Small Packages:

Ship to over 220 countries, up to 150lbs
Airfreight Shipment Rates
Airfreight Shipment Rates:

Domestic and International
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National and Global Carriers focus a lot of their efforts on supporting large national and global Fortune 1000 companies. Like any smart business, they offer the best deals and best service to customers who provide them substantial recurring revenue.

Small and mid-sized businesses don’t buy enough services to command significant price breaks or personalized attention. Yet they have the same needs. RatetranZ changes this equation.


We operate as a buying group to bundle the collective purchasing power of thousands of small and medium-sized business. We then guarantee carriers tens of millions of dollars in business each year and negotiate strong discounts as a result — lower than any single small or mid-sized business could negotiate on its own.

  • Shipments to or from Alaska, Canada or Mexico

  • Shipment 1-6 Pallets (LTL Freight)

  • Shipment weighing over 7,000 pounds (Partial / Volume)

  • Over 7 Individual Pallets, Crates, Boxes, etc. (Partial / Volume)

  • Airfreight Shipment – Domestic and International

  • International Small Packages (Over 220 Countries) up 150lbs